Welding smoke extraction with Kemper

Welding smoke extraction with excellent filter technology

KEMPER - pioneers in extraction and filtration equipment for welding smoke – can install welding smoke extraction with excellent filter technology in any plant. Generally speaking, in welding smoke extraction filter units differ in the filters used either disposable filters or cleanable filters.

Disposable filters for welding smoke extraction are changed as soon as they are full. Pre-filter mats or pre-filter cassettes are used to extend the filter service life of the main filter. During welding smoke extraction, the coarse particles adhere to the pre-filters. Pre-filters are cost-efficiient and prolong the service life of the main filter. Only the best filters are used In KEMPER filter systems, ensuring the best possible health and safety in the workplace. In the Smart Master and Professional Master, the filtration efficiency is over 99% and the filters are graded as filter class E12! Both the Smart Master and Professional Master filter systems are classified as IFA W3 thanks to their excellent filter technology. This means that both devices can be used for welding smoke extraction when working on chrome-nickel steel.

Cleanable filters do not need to be changed. As soon as the filter is saturated, it is cleaned in the filter unit using compressed air. The dust falls into a container and can then be removed from the filter unit. With some KEMPER filter units this takes place without any contamination at all. KEMPER has recently applied for a patent for this technology.

Overview of mobile extraction units for welding smoke extraction

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